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Sunday School: Silva vs Sonnen I - Gracie Breakdown

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA Techniques

(video via Gracie Breakdown via Youtube)

Chael Sonnen is quoted as saying "In some parallel universe you can hit a man 300 times, he wraps his legs around your head for 8 seconds and they call HIM the winner." Well if by parallel universe you mean ANY mixed martial arts or jiu jitsu match then yeah, Silva won the fight. Sonnen tapped. It's the universal sign of surrendering a match. 

Here to explain how it all breaks down is Ryron and Rener Gracie from the Gracie Academy. The Gracie name is of course synomymous with jiu jitsu and their hugely popular Gracie Breakdon channel on YouTube always does an amazing job at explaining what happens during a fight. If it involves jiu jitsu they can probably explain it to you better than your girlfriend can explain what happened during the last episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Enjoy getting schooled.