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Sunday School: Berimbolo/De La Riva Pass

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA Techniques

(video via Cavalcanti Jiu Jitsu Youtube)

When we're not twitter stalking hot chicks on Twitter and finding creative ways to milk the clock while on company time, we actually do follow and participate in the sport we love. What beter way to get you guys involved and us off our ass than by taking you to school? We're going to be bringing you some techniques from various schools and insructors and we're sure you'll be well on your way to dominating the mats once you take note and start using some of our training tips.


This week we bring to you The Berimbolo/ De La Riva Sweep from the guard as demonstrated by Master Ricardo Calvacanti and Professor Anthony Galeano. To pick up more knowledge from them, check them out their official website: RCJiuJitsu.com