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Sunday School: Motivation

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA Techniques

(video via Grapplers Quest)

There are all sorts of fans for the sport of MMA. Some that only watch it, others that like to participate in whatever capacity they are able to. Whether it's taking jiu jitsu, boxing, kickboxing we know what it's like to get in the gym and have good and bad days. Sometimes you're the hammer, other times you're the nail. As much as we love competition sometimes we're guilty of half assing it during practice especially when things aren't going our way. Well thanks to Grappler's Quest here's a bit of motivation that should make you quit your bitching next time you're thinking about giving yourself a pity party or when you're making up creative reasons for not going to the gym. 

Check out this clip of Matt Betzold from FightReady taking on Taylor McCorriston of FTCC in the No- Gi Advanced Division of the a recent Grappler's Quest tournament. Matt is the guy with ONE LEG who nails the submission! We salute you Mr. Betzold for showing us what true heart mixed in with some pretty boss submission skills gets you.