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Model Spotlight: Emily

Written by jakobe. Posted in Models


(photos via MADCreativity.com)


Meet Emily. This buff blonde and beautiful stunner was crowned the winner of the World Class Fight League Ring Girl search held at the world famous Penthouse Club in Tampa, FL last month.  She will be gracing the cage with her presence between rounds at WCFL but thankfully we managed to get our hands on some of her pics from her latest smoking HOT photoshoot, in case you want a better look!


In the contest she was going up against some tough competition but her outgoing personality and banging body clearly captured the eyes of the judges. She’s worked hard to get that body through years of doing cross fit training and we sure can appreciate the fruits of her labor. We’re sure you guys won’t mind either so thats why she’s getting her own spotlight here at Models and MMA. Join us after the jump to get to know more of this sexy ring girl. See what she does to keep her body looking good and what she’s looking for in a guy. Just a heads up though, if you want a shot at a date with her “bro you better lift.”  



In the meantime be sure to follow her on Instagram: @electric__emily

and her Facebook page.


Enjoy the pics! 



Model:  Emily


Measurements: 34C-26- 33


DOB:  July 12, 1991


Hometown: San Diego, CA




OK let's get started...We’re sure we’re not the first ones to tell you, your body is AMAZING! How do you maintain such a great physique?

 I train twice a day in Crossfit. I'm a Level One coach and compete often. 



Describe your typical workout? Lots of cardio? Weights? No holds barred fighting? 

 My workouts consists of a lot of strength training, power and Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning. I also do yoga to keep flexible :)



How did you get involved with modeling? 

 I have done a few photoshoots and was instantly hooked! I am very excited to pursue it further. 



So you are now the official ring girl for the World Class Fight League and on Models and MMA. Is it safe to say you are a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts? 

 Absolutely! In San Diego, my first love was training at an MMA gym for a couple of years. 



Who is your favorite MMA fighter? 

 Ronda "Rowdy" Rousey. She's a badass and inspirational. 



Would you say you are more a lover or a fighter? 

 I am a lover at heart; fighting is just a physical workout for me. 



Hypothetical question, you can get in the cage and duke it out with the most annoying celebrity that comes to mind, who do you pick?

 Kim Kardashian. I don't know where her popularity came from, but it's not a good influence on our generation. 



What kind of guy can capture your heart, the nice guy or bad boy?

 I always tend to go for the bad boys. They take risks and are more carefree, just like me. 



When you are instantly attracted to someone, what feature catches your eye first? 

 This sounds pretty stereotypical, but tall, dark and handsome. Tattoos are also a big turn-on. 



Fill in the blank: When out on a date, the quickest way a guy can blow his chances at a second date with you is if he does this ____________________

Tell me he doesn't lift. 



Your top 5 songs you like to listen to during your workout to get fired up:

Currently on my playlist: Anything Diplo makes,  ZHU-Faded,  Rich Gang- Lifestyle,  Drake- Trophies,  Flosstradamus mixes

So, a lot of EDM, hip hop and trap music 



 Any shout outs you want to give? 

Waddup mom! 



Your message to the fans of World Class Fight League and Models and MMA:

 Get out there and try it for yourself! Everyone starts somewhere, and I promise you'll be hooked! Also, thanks for all your love and support; that's what keeps this organization driven.