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Model spotlight: Richelle Ryan

Written by jakobe. Posted in Models



There are plenty of reasons to check out Richelle Ryan. Although there is the obvious: her beauty and gorgeous body, she is also a very multi faceted entertainer. A legitimate triple threat, she is a successful model, an award winning feature dancer, and has been making a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry.


Originally hailing from New York, this feisty Italian princess might look like a centerfold, but don't think she's a prissy girlie girl who can't mix it up with the guys when it comes to sports. A die hard NY Giants fan who also happens to love MMA, she was kind enough to sit in for an interview and share some of her hottest pics with us. Be sure to check her out online TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. She's definitely worth having on your timeline if you like random sexy pics and to stay up to date on her feature dance schedule to see if she will be performing at a town near you. Trust us, it’s a show you don’t want to miss!


Smoking pics of Richelle and full interview after the jump.



Ok let’s get this question out of the way...Scale of 1-10 how big of an MMA fan are you?


That's good enough for us! Who's your favorite fighter? 
Ronda Rousey - She's hot!!!! I would let her twist me up like a pretzel anyday ;) 


Can't say we would argue with that one...we wouldn't mind seeing that actually:) So we hear you are a HUGE NY Giants fan. Which member of the NY Giants do you think could kick as much ass in the cage as he does on the football field? 
Well he has since retired but I think Brandon Jacobs would be a beast, I've seen him on the field and he plays angry!! 


We see you are a very accomplished feature dancer and a very popular XXX star. Take us back to the beginning of your career. How did you originally make the jump from house dancing to the feature circuit? 

I started off as a house dancer when I was 18 then moved out to LA to pursue a career in the Adult Film Industry, I knew I always wanted to headline and feature dance at Strip Clubs. Once I built up a name in the Porn Industry and had 100 movies under my belt I contacted a dance agent so I could start touring the country.


The feature dancing circuit has some amazing performers, who were some of the girls that you looked up to or admired when you got started?

I used to love the big boob girls like Chelsea Charms, Lisa Lipps, Miss Plenty Uptop, I remember when they came to feature at the club I was working at when I first started dancing and I thought they were so fun and entertaining. 


Love those names! How did the transition to XXX movies happen?

I was working as a dancer and started to love women and become very open with my sexuality, I decided to move out to LA and enter in the world of Adult Films 


In order to be in the adult industry we would assume that you would have to be very comfortable with your body and sexuality. Have you always been an exhibitionist at heart or did it take getting used to performing in front of others and on camera? 

Oh Yes!!! I was a big Slut!!! Hahahaha I was always hooking up in the most random wildest places and having hot hook-ups. I definitely wasn't nervous my first time in front of the camera, I had some practice before I got in the Adult Industry haha


We're exhibitionists too, except most people run away when we try to get naked. What is your favorite aspect of performing on film?

I love knowing that horny couples will be watching this while they are getting it on or to get them in the mood, I love giving a great blowjob to show woman how it's done. I love giving oral! I've had woman come up to me and say how they have watched my scenes and learned how to please their man watching my techniques :)


Well you just made it on our top 10 list! What is your biggest unfulfilled fantasy that you would want to accomplish on or off camera? 

I want to have 2 guys in my personal life, I've had it on camera and it was crazy hot but I want to guys to devour me off camera. 


Wow! Definitley top 3 list now. If there was one thing you could change about the XXX movie industry tomorrow what would it be? 

Get rid of ALL Free Tube Sites!!! 


What advice would you give to new girls looking to get into the adult industry? 

Do it for the RIGHT reasons and because you love it 


Switching gears, fill in the blank: “The first thing I notice about a person I am attracted to is:

Their smile :)


Could you ever date a non NY Giants fan? 

Possibly, as long as it's not a team in my division 


Give us three words to describe you:

Hardworking, Energetic, Loud


Who is your celebrity crush?

Johnny Depp


Would you consider yourself a lover or a fighter?



What is the most annoying thing you see people do online? 

Beg for me to follow them on Twitter, Instagram etc... bad mouthing, or horrible grammar 


We get the hint, we will stop begging you...and work on our grahammur. What kind of music can we expect to hear during your feature performances? 

I love upbeat music that puts everyone in a good mood, top 40 hits, techno, and of course some booty shaking Hip-Hop :)


What is the best way for fans to find out where you will be performing next? 

Any of my social Media sites! TwitterInstagram, and Facebook


Any parting words to our readers and your fans? 

You guys Rock!!!! Thanks for all the support