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Models & MMA Feature Spotlight: Vayda Kiss

Written by jakobe. Posted in Models


(article by Kris Kay/ images via MADCreativity.com)


As if they needed to find an easier way for men to separate themselves from their money, a new breed of exotic entertainer has been sighted in strip clubs across North America. Experienced as quadratically proportioned athletes-meet-ass technicians, the square root of a pole dancer is relatively the same as your average Saturday night stripper: meaning they eventually get naked and swipe your cash. Before that transaction, however, pole dancers defy the common laws of stripper physics by setting out on a choreographed boogie down of unbridled sexual creativity. Not to mention they can also destroy the myth that only YOUR ex-girlfriend can strategically place her ankles behind her ears.


By utilizing a stripper’s sole instrument—the pole—these performers do more than just dance or means of spinning. The pole becomes a partner; the stage frames their canvas. Form, function flexibility all collide into performance.


Put simply Miley, pole dancers don’t twerk.


Leading the new wave of these exotic entertainers is Vayda Kiss, a petite, dancing dynamo who is helping pole dancers find their respected place inside gentlemen’s clubs. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, the sculpted, 26-year-old stands only 5’1 (“And a quarter...every little bit counts!”) without heels, but that doesn’t matter when she’s typically seen inverted (or horizontal, diagonal too—hardly upright for more than a few seconds—the girl doesn’t seem to like the ground) while performing her high-energy stage performances. Kiss, a former high school cheerleader and gymnast is now a ‘Feature Entertainer’ who crisscrosses strip clubs monthly, never meeting a stage she couldn’t perform on.


In three years Kiss has won enough national accolades, like Miss Pole Champ 2011 and 2012’s North American Pole Champ, to be considered one of the best performers currently on the circuit. When she’s not touring Vayda is breaking out into the world of fitness and glamour modeling as evidenced here on ModelsandMMA.com.


Join us after the jump for more of Vayda's pics and interview




Do you prefer the term ‘pole athlete’ over ‘stripper’ or ‘feature entertainer’?

Not at all, they’re all correct to an extent. Pole dancing has become my passion in life. Five years ago people would laugh at the term “pole dancer” but as the popularity has grown [in strip clubs] those names really are interchangeable. I’m proud that I’ve been a stripper, or house girl, before I was a feature entertainer. I love that I can perform exotic dancing, [it] doesn’t matter what you label me as but my specialty is pole dancing.


But do you consider yourself more than just a stripper, right?

Sure, now I do. Being just a stripper can get boring; the pole is there for a reason, I just use it differently than your average stripper, that’s all. I consider myself a exotic pole athlete. I like to bring sex appeal to my game. Pole dancing is enhancing the allure of stripping. It’s enhancing the art of the tease.


What are some common misconceptions about pole dancers.

Many girls I meet think that they can’t do it. Although some of my choreography is studied and takes time, a lot of the time tricks aren’t as hard as they look. Dancers could learn basic pole tricks that could easily help them make more money while working.


What’s your practice regimen like?
When I’m not performing on the road I sometimes like to house dance at my local club just to stay sharp. I love to dance period as well as go to the gym and keep myself as active as possible.


Life on the road is something that all feature entertainers must get used to. How hard was it for you starting out.
Well, it still is hard to an extent. I don’t like being out on the road for more than twice a month. After that I’ll just tell my agent not to book me. Anymore time than two weekends away from home and I’m capable of losing my mind. At first feature dancing felt so intimidating to do but now I feel as though I’m more comfortable and am coming into my own as a performer.


What have been some of your favorite clubs that you’ve featured at?
There have been many. I love the Wild Cherry Club in Birmingham, Alabama. The customers down there are crazy but very nice and love to watch me perform. Lynx in Palm Springs, California is another good one along with Stilettos down in Texas. Down in Florida the customers like to ‘make it rain’ on me, that’s always welcome.


Do you perform the same routines at every club or do you switch up your set list to keep your act fresh?

A lot of the times I don’t perform the same trick twice while featuring at a club. I’ll do my handspring splits, elbow holds—stuff like that—just to keep the audiences’ attention but most of the time it’s more impromptu. I’ll go from one trick to another. As long as the crowd is yelling and having fun I know I’m doing the right move. I’m working on this trick now where I rest my head almost on my butt upside down but I haven’t quite perfected it yet.


What do you think is the future of exotic pole dancing?
I think with the infusion of pole dancing at strip clubs it can only grow in popularity. Not only are you seeing pole fitness reach the mainstream but girls in our area, like me, Christina Aguchi, and Katie Sutra are combining the fitness angles along with the sexuality. We want to bring this not only to strip clubs but to the masses as well. It’s exciting, not only to get to see a pole dancer in action but to be one as well.


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