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George St-Pierre Steps Away, Hendricks vs. Lawler for Vacant Welterweight Title

Written by Adam Editor. Posted in MMA News Sources

 A conference call hosted by Dana White and George St-Pierre was held today, December 13th. This call put in place to discuss what GSP was looking to do in regards to stepping away from the UFC.

 George St-Pierre is stepping away from the UFC, vacating the Welterweight Championship. Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will fight, winner crowned the new champion.

(article by Adam LeBarr/Image courtesy of Zuffa LLC/Getty Images)

 Leading up to St-Pierre's fight with Hendricks at UFC 167, he states he was going through a lot, had a lot on his mind. Those issues presenting problems in his training camps and his mental focus leading up to his defensive championship fights inside the octagon.

 St-Pierre states that for sometime he had thoughts of leaving, taking a rest, wanting to live a 'normal life'. He decided now was the time. GSP while stating he was going to take a break, said "I don't want to clog up the Welterweight division by keeping the title and being gone. I'm letting the title go". He also states "once everything is better, I'll be back and much stronger".

 Post-fight UFC 167 press conference, we all saw how pissed Dana White was towards the St-Pierre-Hendricks decision, also how GSP wanted time away. He now, while on the conference call states that "if GSP isn't 100%, he should step away. It's the right thing to do".

 With St-Pierre 'taking a break', what happens to the title?

 Dana White after questions with GSP were finished let everyone know Hendricks will now fight Lawler, winner crowned the new champion of the Welterweight division.

 Talks of Carlos Condit were thrown in there, but with Condit recently already getting a shot and falling short, it only made sense for Lawler to get a shot after his dominant performances.

 There is no set date for George St-Pierre's return.

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UFC Signs 11 Fighters from Invicta FC, Set to Launch Strawweight division with TUF 20

Written by Adam Editor. Posted in MMA News Sources

 Over the last couple of years, the UFC organization has welcomed numerous new weight-divisions. Flyweight, Women's & Men's Bantamweight, Featherweight and now welcoming the Strawweight division, the weight set at 115lbs. With such pace of growth the UFC has received, it has opened a whole new world to fighters of all weight-classes and genders.

 In recent UFC discussion, signals of interest towards opening a new UFC Women's division, the promotion is going full force with the Strawweight (115lbs) division.

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(Article by: Adam LeBarr/Photo via: Felice Herrig Facebook Fan Page)


UFC's president Dana White announced today he acquired the contracts of 11 Invicta FC fighters. They're set to compete in the first all-women season of The Ultimate Fighter, the winner will be crowned the champion. '

 Filming of the show starts May 18th, 2014. TUF 20 will feature: Alex Chambers (4-1), Claudia Gadelha (11-0), Felice Herrig (9-5), Bec Hyatt (5-3), Emily Kagan (3-1), Juliana Lima (6-1), Rose Namajunas (2-1), Tecia Torres (4-0), Paige VanZant (3-1) and Joanne Calderwood (8-0).

 White said the season will most likely be coached by men, not ruling out the posibility of female coaches.

 White stated that the success of the co-ed season of TUF opened the door for the first ever all-women season of TUF.

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UFC Fight Night 33: One for the Ages

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA News Sources


Yep, this about sums it all up!


(Article by Adam LeBarr/image courtesy of Zuffa, LLC/video via FoxSports)


The topic of too much MMA has been discussed repeatedly everywhere. Too many times we hear about fan interest and the quality of fights diminishing because of too many fights, too many events, and not enough people caring about every card.


And then you have a fight like UFC Fight Night 33


It reminds us why we love this sport so much. What makes the athletes so special and makes even the most cynical among us happy that we are fans. It wasn't on PPV, it wasn't for a title, hell it wasn't even on a Saturday night! But we can agree it was one of the best fights of the year.


The UFC sure took it to Australia, alright! FN 33 was not only a free, stacked fight card but also one for the books. The fans witnessing injury, knockouts and epic wars between two warriors. 

Your co-main event of the evening, 'Shogun' Rua vs. Jame Te Huna would end in devastating fashion. As we all have seen, these two are no strangers to an all out brawl. That being said, neither of these two, Rua or Te Huna were hesitant to move forward and throw bombs. Rua, in the first round was put with his back towards the cage, nowhere to go but through his opponent, Te Huna. That being his only option, he would do just that. 'Shogun' landed with a huge left hook counter, knocking Te Huna out on his feet, before he could hit the mat. After landing the devastating knockout blow, 'Shogun' would then proceed to drop his body weight behind a follow up shot to the downed Te Huna before the ref could jump in. 

Dana White pre-fight night stated that if 'Shogun' is to lose, he'll be talking to him about retirement. I believe that conversation will wait. White also said if Rua wants to move weight classes, after his performance, he can do whatever the wants. Pride truly has not died. 

and now... IT'S TIME!

Your main-event of the evening, Mark Hunt vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva would turn into what most people are stating as "fight of the YEAR" (not official). These two giants left everything they had in the octagon. Both looking for a finish. However, neither of these warriors had even an ounce of quit in them. Hunt and Silva were bloodied, bruised but not beaten. It was a back and forth battle, Hunt would fall, and then Silva. Silva would land with a huge shot, and then Hunt would follow. The fight would go all 5 round and into the judges hands. The fight was scored (48-47 [Hunt] 47-47, 47-47), making this a majority decision draw. 

Neither of these beasts deserve a loss, both came and put on a show. We can only hope with this decision, a rematch follows. Full results after the jump.



Invicta FC 7 Weigh Ins

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA News Sources


video via Invicta FC


Invicta Fighting Championships goes down Saturday December 7th. Check out the weigh in video and let us know your picks, plus it gives us another reason to check out more of Felice Herring...


Fight Night Promo: Bigfoot is on the Hunt for the KO

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA News Sources


video via UFC


Mark hunt vs Bigfoot Silva...who you got? There's a good chance someone is getting finished tonight as the UFC goes down under to Australia for Fight Night. Check out the video above for the preview vid. 


Meet the cast of TUF Nations

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA News Sources


video via UFC


The cast of The Ultimate Fighter Nations series has been announced. Team Canada will take on Tean Australia. This is the fifth series in the franchise to be produced outside of the US. Former middleweight contender Patrick Cote will take the helm as Team's Canada's coach and Kyle Noke will lead Team Australia.  The series will make it's debut January 15th and will be available on Fox Sports 1. Check out the video above to see the entire cast.


UFC Brisbane Weigh in vid

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA News Sources


((Article by Adam LeBarr/ video via UFC)


Friday, December 6th the UFC heads to Australia for Fight Night 33. The 'Hunt' for 'Bigfoot' start now.

Before jumping to the co-main event, we can't forget the rest of this action packed fight card. We've got Pat Barry, Ryan Bader and many more great fighters joining us in Austrailia.

Now, heading to the co-main event of the evening, we've got 'Shogun' Rua vs. James Te Huna in the Light Heavyweight division. Dana White in a recent interview stated that if 'Shogun' is to fall to Te Huna, he'll be talking to him about retirement. That being said, how could we not expect a whole new pace from former Pride champion, 'Shogun'. Te Huna always ready and willing to fight a war, that's exactly what he'll have to go through for a huge victory this Friday at FN 33.

We now move to our main-event of the evening. The BIG 'Hunt' for 'Bigfoot'.

Mark Hunt, also a former Pride champion who at the start of the UFC was offered a bought out contract to leave and not fight for the organization has truly shown that he belongs. Hunt running on a huge spree of knockout victories was shut down by Junior Dos Santos in his last bout. Now looking to redeem himself, he takes on 'Bigfoot' Silva, a literally huge competitor within the Heavyweight division. Silva also is looking to redeem a big loss to current UFC Heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez. Both these warriors come Friday are going to be hungry and looking for a huge finish, moving either of these fighters that much closer to the top.


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UFC 167 Recap: GSP retains the belt but future uncertain

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA News Sources


(video via Fox Sports)


The UFC celebrated it's 20th anniversary with it's biggest money maker in welterweight champion Georges St Pierre. A great card, with some great fights as well as an homage to all the warriors who have stepped into the Octagon and make it a success. Dana White and company probably did not plan to have the night end in controversy. A hard fought contest between GSP and Johny Hendricks resulted in more unanswered questions for the welterweight division and it's star champion. GSP narrowly escapes with his belt, but has left the MMA world to ponder what is causing him to step away from the sport. Is it time for an interim championship or does he simply need some time to take care of his personal affairs before a now obligatory rematch with Hendricks? Hopefully these questions get answered sooner rather than later. For now here is the rundown of UFC 167.

To open the PPV card, UFC 167 held Tim Elliot vs. Ali Bagautinov & Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley. Both big, exiting fights to start off the night. Elliot & Bagautinov was a great fight, a fast fight. Woodley vs. Koscheck was a bomb dropping slug fest. Woodley ultimately knocking out Koscheck in the first round. Both winners take a huge leap with in their weight division. 

 Heading into the second of the three Welterweight fights, we had Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald. Many years ago people thought Lawler was near done, with recent success with in Strikeforce and also the UFC, he was able to land this huge fight against ranked #3, MacDonald. A tough test for a man looking to make a career come back. Tonight, he proves he deserves to be where he is, if not in the higher rankings. Lawler throughout the fight was looking to land huge shots, as MacDonald was looking to keep his distance with low and high kicks. Lawler at points, being "ruthless", he would fall into the takedowns, also defending a fair amount of attempts. Come the 3rd and final round is when Lawler was really able to shine. Landing with huge shots, controlling the fight and keeping composure while on the bottom of MacDonald. It was a close one, but Robbie Lawler wins via: Split decision.

 Robbie Lawler is now on a dominant 3 fight win streak being back in the UFC. With a win like this, we can only assume he's going to take a huge leap in the Welterweight division. St-pierre vs. MacDonald will now have to wait for a later date.

 Dominance is all that's needed to be said. Rashad Evans set to take on Chael Sonnen, a man he considers his friend. Evans would have no problem taking control, ground and pounding and in the end, winning in dominant fashion. Evans was able to take the back of Sonnen, stretch him out and throw the finishing blows.

 We know with a victory like this, it only pushed Evans that much closer to a shot at becoming the champion once again. Win or loss for Sonnen, he has the TUF Brazil 3 coaching gig. He did admit pre-fight he was distracted due to his up and coming bout against Wanderlei Silva. Did that play against him tonight? No matter the accurate answer, Sonnen can now focus on TUF and Wandy.

 And now... IT'S TIME!

 AND STILL? Welterweight Champion of the world, George 'Rush' St-Pierre!

  This fight was by far the toughest for long time champion, St-Pierre. Hendricks came out very strong, landing big shots throughout the fight and also gaining big takedown's. GSP was also able to land with a number of shots and gain big takedown's of his own. In the end, it looked to have been a clean win for competitor, Hendricks. Fans, commentators and other fighters via: Twitter agreed. Joe Rogan as one, stated he was "shocked" at what was a split decision victory for George St-Pierre.

 Post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, St-Pierre stated "I have personal issues outside of MMA. I need to hang up the gloves for a little while". Joe Rogan proceeded to ask: "are you saying you're retiring?" GSP: "I just need some time away. I'll come back with a definitive answer soon".

 Hendricks in his interview stated he thought he clearly won the fight. Upset but ready to work his way back up to a title shot or have a rematch. 



UFC 167 Preview: GSP vs Hendricks

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in MMA News Sources


UFC 167, Saturday, November 16th marks the 20 year anniversary for the UFC as an organization. Not only is this fight card stacked, it's an event celebrating an event. With the new generation of super fighters filling up not only this card, but others also, we can't help but look back and remember the people who built the foundation for the sport of MMA. 


 UFC 1... AND YOUR 1ST EVER UFC CHAMPION, Royce Gracie! Remember that far back? People like Gracie, Ortiz, Liddell, Couture, Shamrock ect. helped build the UFC. With few names being listed, there are many others that contributed. 


 Dana White and the UFC have made sure to make this event a memorable one. Not only because of the match-ups, but having all these legends attend, all along side of the octagon. 20 years of fights, more than 20 years to come. UFC has built an organization that can be seen from the homes of millions and millions of viewers and fans. This Saturday, they celebrate with not only fighters and people with in the company, but you at home. 


 George St-Pierre, the Canadian to headline UFC 167 against Johny Hendricks has a fellow training partner not only attending the event, but fighting in it. Rory MacDonald (ranked #3) is set to take on Robbie Lawler (ranked #10). MacDonald being on a 5 fight impressive win streak, he looks to add another name to his win column. Lawler, who recently got welcomed back to the UFC, looks to upset and take a loss from no one again. Before Strikeforce was bought out and shutdown, Lawler would leave the organization with a loss on his record. Since coming back to the Octagon, he looks to be unstoppable, riding a 2 fight win streak, both finished via: Knockout. 


 Winner of MacDonald vs. Lawler is put in a very good position... At least one of them is, anyways. If Lawler pulls off the upset and huge victory, he moves that much closer to the Welterweight gold, a chance at the UFC championship. If MacDonald wins, as well as George St-Pierre, he's faced with a possible fight with his training partner. St-Pierre and MacDonald have both stated they will not fight each other, President Dana White says other wise. 


 Moving to the Light Heavyweight division for the co-main event of the evening, we've got Rashad Evans (ranked #4) vs. Chael Sonnen (ranked #6). This fight is interesting in the fact that Sonnen, the "voice" of the UFC has been offered and accepted a TUF coach position against Wanderlei Silva in Brazil. That being said, Sonnen admits to being distracted due to having a fight lined up after fighting Evans, win or loss. The UFC is filled with the best MMA talent in the world, with that, you can't afford to have your mind somewhere other than the fight. Those facts and statements aside, this is a high ranked bout. Both ranked in the top 10, either winner steps that much closer to a shot at that Light Heavyweight gold. 


 and now... IT'S TIME!


 Your main-event of the evening, for the Welterweight championship of the world, George St-Pierre takes on #1 contender, Johny Hendricks. Many of fans, people with in the UFC and also George St-Pierre himself have stated Hendricks will be his most dangerous oppontent, but ready to really test his abilities in the octagon. Hendricks riding an impressive win streak, fights filled with dominant performances and huge knockouts, looks to bring all of the to the octagon this Saturday. Hendricks carrying all these great attributes has never fought someone quite like the champion, GSP. This will also be a huge test for Hendricks. St-Pierre has been in the octagon with legends, new talent and much more. He displays dominance, control and calmness no mater what situation he's in. This has been a huge factor in his success and as always, will looks to carry that on. 


 Could Hendricks shock the world? Yes. A fight against St-Pierre has never been an easy one, not for anybody. This is a true test for both these warriors and you can watch it live, this Saturday on PPV. 



Full fight card after the jump