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UFC signs Andrei Arlovski...wait WHAT???!!

Written by jakobe. Posted in MMA News Sources


(Arlovski working on his new UFC style stare down/ Article via Adam LeBarr)



Remember UFC 82, back in 2008? Well, that was the last time Andrei Arlovski stepped foot inside the UFC octagon. 



Today, via: Twitter, Dana White (president of the UFC) tweeted "Welcome back Andrei Arlovski" - That could only mean one thing, right?



 Outside of the UFC, as many may know, Arlovski wasn't quite as dominant as he once was. With new found motivation and determination, he was ready to work his way back to the major leagues of MMA. 


 Arlovski, currently 4-1 in his last 5 fights has shown huge interest in fighting for the UFC once again. In recent news, there was talk about Dana White and the UFC signing Arlovski but couldn't because he was still under WSOF contract. 


 Earlier today (April 24th, 2014), it was announced that WSOF has parted ways with 'The Pitbull' Arlovski, which is when Dana White made the tweet, welcoming the former Heavyweight champion back to the UFC. 



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