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Adrianna Luna spices up your weekend!

Adrianna main

Adrianna Luna is a head turner in more ways than one. An exotic west coast beauty from Los Angeles with stunning looks and a charismatic personality, she also boasts a 3-1 Muay Thai record. With an anticipated MMA debut by years end, she is getting her fair share of attention not only for her fighting skills but also as one of the adult industy's rising stars. We have to admit that we diligently researched as much of Adrianna's work as we could get our hands on (for professional reasons of course) and it's easy to see why. She has a cute girl next door appeal which when combined with the fact that she can probably definitely kick our ass in the gym and in the bedroom, left us wanting to get to know her ALOT better. Adrianna if you ever feel the need to come by the Models and MMA offices and beat up some male interns you have an open invitation. Join us after the jump and let Adrianna give you a sneak peek at her work outs and ALOT more of her. You can thank us later.


Adrianna Luna Black Heels and Swimsuit

Your bio says you are involved in Cross Fit training and MMA, describe your typical workout.

My workouts for crossfit are always changing. I usually start with a pretty intense warm up that lasts about 10 minutes and consists of a mix of cardio, stretching, and body weight movements. After I work on a specific movement for about 10 minutes to try and perfect it. Sometimes it's a particular lift, sometimes it's a gymnastics movement, sometimes it's a run for time. Lastly, comes the "W.O.D." - workout of the day. This can vary from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. It's a mix of cardio, olympic style lifting and gymnastics movements that are done either for time or a set amount of rounds. For example, this morning my W.O.D was 4 rounds of 10 pull ups, 10 russian twists (done w/ a 53# kettle bell) and 100 double unders (jumping rope w/ 2 rotations of the rope for every jump).

My mma training consists of 5 minutes jumprope for warm up, followed by 10 minutes shadow boxing and stretching, then I do 25 mins bag work/ pad work, followed by 25 minutes grappling. 

 Adrianna Luna Lifting Weights

Do you train in MMA to compete or just to stay in shape? Have you competed in MMA if so what is your fight record?  

I got into mma first by training in muay thai. I've trained in muay thai for over 6 years. I just started grappling and transitioning to mma about 6 months ago. Initially I got into muay thai just for fitness, but after 1 year of training I started competing. I have a record of 3-1 in muay thai fights. I hope to get in the cage and get my first mma fight by the end of this year or early next year. 


Scale of 1-10 how big of an MMA fan are you?

I enjoy practicing the sport but don't follow it religiously on tv. I can appreciate the athlete's abilities and natural skill when I watch pro fights. I would say I'm at about a 7. 


Favorite fighter?

My favorite fighter is Jon Jones. I think he's incredibly gifted and a natural athlete. His fights are very exciting to watch. 


Adrianna Luna CrossFit Competition Adrianna Luna Ready to Box

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen at UFC 148, who wins it and why?

Anderson Silva because he's a powerhouse. 


If given a choice would you rather ground and pound, make your opponent tap, or KO the f*ck out of someone?

I feel most comfortable with my stand up so I'd have to say ko the fuck out of someone! 


Would you go out with a guy that couldn't hang with you in the cage?

Of course!


Speaking of guys are you looking for a nice guy or bad boy?

I like boys with a little bit of an edge so I'd have to say a bad boy. Nice guys are boring and I tend to walk all over them. 

 Adrianna Luna Blue Bikini Adrianna Luna Red Bra

Are you the type of girl that a guy can bring home to mom or are you the one his mom warned him about?

I'm the type of girl that you can bring home to mom but the type mom warned you about in the bedroom.  


What's the absolute worst way for a guy to try to impress you?

To talk a big game and brag about himself or posessions. That's a really big turn off for me. I'm into a guy because of his personality not for what he has. 


What can improve a guys chances of getting your number if he steps up to you?

To be confident and genuine. 


Our readers at Models and MMA have a lot of swagger. Whats the difference between being confident and being too cocky?

Confidence comes natural. Guys that are cock come off as though they're trying too hard. 


Describe your craziest sexual experience to date and your biggest unfulfilled fantasy.

My craziest sexual experience has to be a 3 some w/ 2 guys. It's kind of the best thing ever. Luckily because of my profession, all of my sexual fantasies have been fulfilled. 


What it the most annoying online trend you see in either Facebook or Twitter?

TMI! I hate it when people use their social media as a method to vent as if they were talking to a therapist.  

 Adrianna Luna Swimsuit

 Fill in the blank: You need to follow my twitter because "_________"

I post really hot and naughty pics;)


Any message for our readers?

I just want to give a quick shout out to all my fans and thank them for all of the love and support they show me! 

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